It’s a beautiful late autumn day here in the best suburb on earth, and it’s a Sunday, so there’s time (a little, at least) to appreciate the moment. Rather than try to capture it in my own inadequate words, I post here a locally-themed work by great Australian modernist artist Margaret Preston who lived here for a while from 1936. It’s called ‘I Lived at Berowra’ and belongs to the Art Gallery of NSW. Credits and link below. Enjoy your weekend!

M Preston Berowra.jpg.505x510_q85

© Margaret Rose Preston Estate

Notes from the Art Gallery of NSW web page: “In 1936, Margaret Preston moved with her husband to a new home at Berowra to live in a house surrounded by bushland a couple of kilometres from the Hawkesbury River, north of Sydney. ‘I lived at Berowra’ is among a number of works, including ‘The brown pot’ and ‘Grey day in the ranges’ that were painted within a three year period. They are characterized by a simplification of form, flattened perspectives and a reduced palette of earth-toned colours reminiscent of natural ochres found in the landscape, a visual expression of Preston’s increasing interest in Aboriginal art.”

© Australian Art Department, Art Gallery of New South Wales, 2000