Hey Mr Tangerine Man, light a bong for me,
You’re so creepy, I gotta get stoned just to look at you;
Hey Mr Tangerine Man, stay away from me.
There ain’t no empty vessel that’s more hollow than you.

We know your evil empire was only built on sand,
A con man’s sleight of hand
Meant to blind us all but, hey man, we’re not sleeping;
Your sleaziness amazes us, you’re a liar and a cheat,
Not fit to kiss our feet
The garbage in the street don’t smell as bad as you;

Hey Mr Tangerine Man, you’re rotten to the core,
Or you would be if you had a core inside of you;
Hey Mr Tangerine Man, you jumped-up painted whore,
One day your loud mouth’s gonna end up swallowing you.

Do you think we’ll let you take us on your massive ego trip?
Come on, man, get a grip:
Our assets will be stripped
And to Russia they’ll be shipped
To pay your vampire boyfriend what you’re owing him;
You’re ready to go nuclear but you’re not brave you’re just afraid,
You’re gonna build a big stockade
To make sure those huddled masses don’t come near you;

Hey Mr Tangerine Man, is there someone else
Apart from your own mirror who is close to you?
Hey Mr Tangerine Man, you’re not a man you’re something less:
Any leper that you touch would catch a dose from you.

Though you might hear some cheer madly for your moment in the sun
Their minds have been undone
By all they’ve lost and never won
They prefer your lies to the harsh truth they are facing:
That Washington’s forgotten them, politicians just don’t care
It’s more than they can bear
Blank faces of despair
Broke beyond repair
Their thoughts as dark as your own shadow that you’re chasing;

Hey Mr Tangerine Man, Pied Piper to the lost
Or so you cast your spell on those who follow you;
Hey Mr Tangerine Man, you know they’ll pay the cost
When your Emperor’s new clothes expose they’re nothing to you.

I’d like to make you vanish through the smoke rings of my mind
To another place and time
Where you’ll take your filth and grime
The choking smell and slime
Of all your sins and crimes
That hang like a poison cloud on our tomorrow;
But as long as you’re still standing here
I’m gonna stand here too
Toe to toe with you
Cause I know one thing is true
What makes this country great
Is not money, power or hate
Or its leaders, but the people in the side show…

Hey Mr Tangerine Man, are you still hangin’ round?
Why don’t you find a rock and crawl back under it?
Hey Mr Tangerine Man, one day beneath the ground
You’ll be lying in your grave and we will dance on it.