Until a year or two ago, one of the highlights of eating at Hornsby’s excellent Blu Water Grill was the opportunity to listen to waiter Matthew Henrick sing arias between serving courses. No “singing waiter” he, but a trained opera singer who – like many artists – works a normal job to supplement his income from doing what he loves (incidentally, he’s no slouch as a waiter, either, having won an award for his skills in that department).

Although he’s moved on from BWG and doesn’t sing at the Crow’s Nest restaurant that currently employs him, he still lives in the Hornsby area and, of course, is still passionate about singing. Matthew’s many local fans will soon be able to hear him again in magnificent form, singing an original musical setting for Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 composed by Berowra Heights resident and Universal Stranger agent provocateur Roger “Rody” Hogan.

The project – supported by local musicians The Cove Quartet, with string arrangement by Beecroft-based Dawn Nettheim – coincides with Shakespeare’s 450th anniversary on April 23. We’ll let you know when the video gets posted to YouTube.